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Tower Crest Neighborhood Park

Current Status
Clark County Public Works intends to build this park in summer 2016.

Park district program changes: Answers to common questions (December 2011)

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Project Description
This 2-acre property is located on NE 54th Street at 63rd Avenue in the East Minnehaha neighborhood. The undeveloped property currently features informal, soft-surface trails and is heavily wooded. A water tower and property owned by the city of Vancouver's public works department is located on the southwest side of the property. The park's name refers to the surrounding housing subdivision.

The draft concept plan for the park includes the following features:

  • Paved loop walking trail
  • Small playground with equipment
  • Small central meadow area
  • Nature play features, including a trunk crawl, log forest, boulders and a mterial box
  • One picnic table
  • Three benches
  • Wood chip connector trail to the city of Vancouver's public works property
  • Future paved trail connection to 53rd Street
  • Habitat enhancements
  • Signs, bike rack and garbage can

Project Schedule
Winter-early summer 2010: Planning and preliminary design phase; public feedback obtained; proposed concept plan developed.
August/September 2010: Proposed concept plan presented to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission for approval; planning phase ends; final design and permitting phase begins.
2011: Design and permitting phase substantially completed. Construction will not proceed until additional funding to build and maintain the park is available. More information.

Public Participation
Project staff relies on public participation to help guide park layout during the planning process. Your input:

  • Helped us understand and respond to the needs and concerns of your neighborhood.
  • Helped us understand which park features were most important to you and your neighbors.
  • Helped us learn about the potential for community fundraising and volunteer project to add features to the park.

The first project newsletter and comment form was mailed to neighbors living within walking distance of this park in March 2010. Staff used these comments to help develop a proposed conceptual development plan showing what this park might look like. This plan was presented to neighbors for input at a public meeting in May 2010, and posted on the Web for additional input from those who couldn't attend the meeting. An updated plan was then mailed to neighbors for final review and input in late June 2010. The plan was presented to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission for approval at public meetings in August and September 2010.

For regularly updated information about this project, sign up for the project e-mailing list by filling out the electronic form at the bottom of this Web page.

June 2010 newsletter (682 kb PDF)

May 2010 public meeting materials:

March 2010 newsletter and comment form mailing:

Project Funding
Design and construction of Tower Crest Neighborhood Park is funded by park impact fees, which are paid whenever a new residential property is developed, and the real estate excise tax, which is paid whenever property is sold. Maintenance of the park will be funded by the Greater Clark Parks District, a special district approved by voters in the unincorporated urban area of Clark County in 2005.

Contact Information:
Scot Brantley, Project Manager
Clark County Public Works
Phone: 360-397-6118 ext. 4364